Where Are They Now?

Jaytinder S. Sandhu, DPM

Fellow From 2011-2012

Peter Stasko, DPM

Fellow From 2012-2013

Alex Pappas, DPM

Fellow From 2013-2014

Joshua Thun, DPM

Fellow From 2014-2015

Mark Bullock, DPM

Fellow From 2015-2016

Ted Lai, DPM

Fellow From 2016-2017

Raymond Delpark, DPM

Fellow From 2017-2018

Sham Persaud, DPM

Fellow From 2018-2019

Crystal Gunsch, DPM

Fellow From 2019-2020

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Currently at Precision Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Irving, TX

Currently at Finger Lakes Bone & Joint Center in Geneva, NY

Currently at Center for Bone & Joint Disease in Hudson, FL

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Currently at Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Grand Junction, CO

Currently at Saginaw Valley Bone & Joint Center in Saginaw, MI

Currently at Shore Ortho University Associates in Somers Point, NJ

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Currently at Texas Foot and Ankle Consultants in Richardson, TX


Currently at East Orange VA Medical Center in East Orange, NJ

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Currently at Carolina Foot and Ankle in Charlotte, NC

Rona Law, DPM

Current Fellow, 2020-2021

1163 Country Club Rd.
Monongahela Valley Hospital
Monongahela, PA 15063

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